Utility Vehicles are Land Vehicles that are exclusive to the Tow Truck Gamepass, SWAT Gamepass, and the speculated gamepass that is to come with the Tesla Bus.(except ATV).

The Tow Truck job consists of towing Rusty Chevy Impalas spawned randomly in the map. To use the Tow Truck you will need to have the Tow Trucker Gamepass.

The Police Bearcat is an exclusive to the SWAT Gamepass (formerly known as the Police Gamepass).

ATV is a utility vehicle that is not recommended for most players.(unless you want to waste some money)

Also coming soon will be the Tesla Bus. It will likely be a utility vehicle and has been said to also need to buy a game pass for it.

List of Vehicles

Name Price Class Dealership
Tow Truck N/A (Gamepass Exclusive) Utility N/A (Gamepass Exclusive)
Police Bearcat N/A (Gamepass Exclusive) Utility N/A (Gamepass Exclusive)
ATV $30000 Utility Auto's Dealership
Tesla Bus N/A (Gamepass Exclusive) Utility N/A (Gamepass Exclusive)