The Tow Truck is a Utility vehicle that requires a gamepass to drive. You use it to bring junk cars into the impound lot behind the police station for up to $16,000 per car (at 0 seconds). The Tow Truck can also tow vehicles owned by other players, including Air, Land and Aquatic Vehicles. But the only normal cars it can tow are McLaren P1, Nissan Skyline R34, Chevy Impala (more in testing).


Max Speed 110 mph

Acceleration 0.2

Braking 0.4

Handling 0.3


Max Speed 210 mph

Acceleration 0.6

Braking 0.8

Handling 1.0


  • The Tow Truck is the one of the vehicles that requires a gamepass to drive it. Other is SWAT car.