One of the classes that vehicles are classed in is Sport. The only type of vehicle to be classified as Sport are Land Vehicles. More specifically these are can only be Cars. The cars can be only bought at the Auto's Car Dealership for as low as $30,000 and as high as $250,000

Vehicles In The Class

Car Name Class Price Dealership
Cayman GT4 Sport $100,000 Auto's Car
Chevy Camaro Sport $30,000 Auto's Car
Ford Mustang GT Sport $30,000 Auto's Car
Corvette Stingray Sport $50,000 Auto's Car
Mitsubishi FTO GP Sport $45,000 Auto's Car
Nissan Skyline R34 Sport $250,000 Auto's Car
Toyota AE86 Sport $86,000 Auto's Car
Toyota Supra Sport $40,000 Auto's Car
Subaru BRZ Sport $25,000 Auto's Car


In one of @Simbuilder's latest tweets, at the rightmost of the image posted, there is a picture of a car not yet in the game, the Subaru BRZ.This is also the same image that hints at the next update possibility.

Both cars from Tesla used to be Sports cars but,when the Tesla Dealership was added,t he cars were moved from there and were classed as Electric since Teslas in real-life are electric.