The Shipping Yard Race is a drifting race that takes place close to the shore, on a dock.

On the first turn, take a sharp right. Do not drift around the corner, keep it slow, because if you get out of control, you will crash into the water and be disqualified. It, however, is safe to drift around all the other corners. Be sure not to use too much nitro, as high speeds may cause you to crash as you drift.

Recommended Equipment

  • Drifting Tires
  • Jet Fuel
  • Class 3 Brakes
  • Pro Short Gear Transmission
  • Class 3 Turbocharger
  • Ludicrous Engine


It may seem like a short race but however, due to the number of turns and how tight they are, it seems that the race takes nearly as long as the Highway Race. The Start and Finish Line are at the same location. On the map, you follow the red line around the track. At each corner, there is a checkpoint which you have to pass through. If for any reason you fall into the water, you just need to hold 'R' to respawn at the last checkpoint. The red line on the map changes to a green line when you need to the jump. For this jump, there is no need to take the ramp. You can just drive next to and press 'X' to jump the vehicle. After the jump, follow the green line to the end. Remember, the red and green lines are not in the game, these are just on the map, on the wiki.

Recommanded Cars.

  • Toyota AE86
  • Nissan Skyline R34
  • Toyota Supra