SIMBUILDER HAS RECENTLY REMOVED THE UNIT Studs Per Second (SPS) FROM THE GAME! THEREFORE ALL PAGES IN THE FOLLOWING CATEGORY NEEDS TO HAVE ANY SPECIFICATION REGARDING SPEED CHANGED AND UPDATED WITH THE CORRECT UNIT OF Kilometers per Hour (KMH). THE CATEGORY IS NAMED AS FOLLOWS: "Updated Specifications Needed". WHEN YOU UPDATE A SPECIFICATION PLEASE ADD THIS FOLLOWING SYMBOL AFTERWARDS: "(U)". DO NOT REMOVE THE CATEGORY UNLESS YOU ARE AN ADMIN! ANY VEHICLE PAGE WITHOUT THE CATEGORY MEANS THAT THE SPECIFICATIONS ARE CORRECT. Thank you for respecting this and from this point on, KMH will be the standard unit on the wiki. If you use the Imperial System every day in real life, sorry but only 3 countries in the world has it as its primary system, for this reason, please use the Metric System instead.


Please read this before adding or editing Specifications Values for Vehicles. (How To Add Vehicle Specifications)

Please read this before adding or replacing Photographs of Vehicles. (How To Photograph Vehicles, Edit And Paste On This Wiki)

Please read this before adding or creating pages/categories. (Category Tree (Wiki Page))

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Roblox Vehicle Simulator Wiki!

Welcome to the Vehicle Simulator Wiki! 

Vehicle Simulator Pics

What is Roblox Vehicle Simulator?

Roblox Vehicle Simulator is a simulator on which allows you to either drive, fly or sail a variety of planes, boats, and cars. Currently, there are 35 different branded cars in the game and more are coming in the future. Also, there is currently a Jetski, a Speedboat and a Stuntplane to choose from! At the start of the game, you start off with Chevy Impala, free of charge! Simply drive around to earn money and mileage to buy your next Vehicle. There are several races to choose from and they are scattered all across the map, these races consist of; Drag, Circuit, and Highway races! Have Fun!


Vehicle Simulator Trailer 1

Vehicle Simulator Trailer 1


  • New Gamemode! (Sprint, Circuit, Drift King, Soccar)

Images Of All The Vehicles

List Of All Vehicles

Land Vehicles:

Aquatic Vehicles:

Air Vehicles:

Changelog (Taken from Discord Update Channel)

Recent Updates (31-07-17):

  • Massive update!
  • Motorcycles
  • Ejector seats
  • Soccar improvements
  • ATV improvements
  • Zoom functions for maps
  • Smoother intro
  • Tow truck job to tow junk cars
  • Bug fixes and improvements!

Latest Activity

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    Summary: Added a minor glitch which I found
  • edit Ferrari LaFerrari
    edited by Super.donek 5 hours ago diff
    Summary: I tested many Times with my Ferrari and it only makes 4k. So I changed Money per mile to 4k from 8k
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