The Quarter Mile Race is a drag race which is, hence the name, a quarter mile long. There are 2 places in which one can do a Quarter Mile: at the airport and at the specially-built drag racing track found near the Highway Race. These races can only have no more and no less than 2 players, meaning that 2 players are a must for racing these Quarter Mile Races.

When a Quarter Mile Race has started, both racers will see a yellow, transparent block which signals the finish line. The racers must cross this block, otherwise, they will not be registered finished and will be counted as still doing the race. This problem is very often seen in the Airport Quarter Mile Race.

When the race has started, both racers will be teleported to their respective starting grids which are determined by the server. Then, a countdown, along with (traffic) lights, is visible to the racers only. When the countdown reaches 2 or 1, a GUI appears, showing your Position, Time and Lap. Most racers start to press 'w' when they have teleported, and some start to hold down Shift (for nitro) at T-2 seconds.

Sometimes, the Start-Of-Race spawn spawns the player so that the player (If the player does not correct it) will hit the right wall.