The Pitts Stunt Plane is one of the five official Air Vehicle currently in the game. The Pitts Stunt is great at flying around and getting a bird's eye view of the world. This is the second vehicle in the game with the Sea Plane coming at the newest


The Pitts Stunt does not have exact specifications due to it being an air vehicle.

Max Speed

The max speed of this vehicle can be measured using specific methods. But it is extremely hard to do due to the poor handling of the vehicle.


This specification is extremely hard to measure as this would be how long it takes to take off, which depends on your pitch angle.


This is not possible on this vehicle as you can only slow down by either crashing or throttling down.


The handling of either ground and air are very low due to the small turning radius of this vehicle.


Players are able to tune their Pitts Stunt Plane in the Plane Tuner. Although you can not measure these improvements, players will notice some of the difference in the air.

Max Speed

The max speed of this vehicle after upgrading is even more difficult to measure due to the short roads in this game.


This specification is extremely hard to measure due to it having so many variables. Although, players will see a decrease in time to take off.


This is not a possible specification of the vehicle, as you can only throttle down or crash to slow down.


Unlike Land Vehicles, you cannot upgrade the handling of this vehicle due to its class.



In order to increase Throttle/Accelerate, hold the SHIFT button


In order to do this, press the Control (CTRL) button


In order to make your plane take off/lift off and/or go up/down in altitude, press S to lift up, and W to go down

Yaw Left/Right

In order to trigger Yaw Left/Right, press A to go left and D to go right

Roll Left/Right

In order to roll, press Z to roll to the left, and C to roll to the right