Some people may think that it's not easy getting money in this game.

There are some simple methods, but the best requires a friend and the insanity gamepass.

1: Look for crates. (Remember to unbox it)

2: Test driving every super cars.

3: Buying a super car such as Nissan GTR, maxing it out and then driving it around or racing.

4: Driving while listening to music. (A nice choice while bored or in an empty server)

5: Racing (Requires other players, and you have to win in every races)

6: Driving along the highway, outer circle of the map or a straight road across the whole map reaching top speed often.

7: Buying money with freaky robux.

8: Since the new update of Shakedown, drifting, or doing donuts will keep giving you about $20 a second

9: Finally, buy a Lamborghini Egoista ($12,000,000 for 6,000 MPM) and keep going....

(Also, check out this topic if you want some optional advice.)