This is a list of all the known glitches in Vehicle Simulator


  • In Pre-Alpha, you could use the Insanity perk glitch to be able to use in during drag races, allowing you to get sub 3-4 second Quarter Mile runs.
  • In Pre-Alpha, you could spawn boats on Highway Race.
  • When races first came out in Pre-Alpha, they didn't work, however, this was quickly patched.
  • In Pre-Alpha/Alpha, you were dragged from your registration point to where the lineup was. This lead to many players either getting stuck in the ground or blocked.
  • Sometimes, at Airport Quarter Mile, if both players leave, the race will never finish, leading to a bugged race.
  • If someone presses V or X right after leaving Soccar, their car's wheels will spawn on top of the cab.
  • In Airport Quarter Mile the timer went below zero and beyond.
  • After completing a drag race, is it possible to give your car a turn speed of 0 by power sliding immediately after.

Speed traps/cameras

  • During Alpha, the speed cameras were functional, however, they were disabled and re-enabled upon entering Beta.
  • When driving past at an extremely slow speed, the camera would still register you, taking you off the Most Wanted list.
  • Sometimes the cameras didn't register movement at all at extremely high speeds.

Hot Pursuit

  • Staying in the Vehicle Tuner when the round end will glitch your camera, forcing you to rejoin the game.
  • While playing Hot Pursuit, it is possible for the door that keeps the police out will never open, causing them to be unable to win.
  • It is possible to spawn any vehicle before the race starts, and use it during the race.


  • Occasionally, on certain servers, your cars will fall through the world, killing everything. Afterwards, it is not possible to spawn any more cars, as they spawn without textures or wheels, disappearing instantly. The only way to fix this is to go to a new server.
  • When in a Car Tuner, Press C and you will chage camera angles. You can see through walls too.
  • While at a standstill, if you hold W and S and let go of W, you can make your car go move forward with S.
  • Hitting Q while on this glitched server allows you to fall through the world.
  • Sometimes, when you're going so fast and you fall into the void, your cameras field of view is glitched, this can be fixed by pressing Shift once
  • A ROBLOX update once broke the draw bridges, rendering them gone from all the servers.
  • After Simbuilder fixed this, ROBLOX reverted the changes, breaking them again.

-They have since been patched, again.

  • In Pre-Alpha - Alpha, it was possible to glitch your car's acceleration to ludicrous numbers. Because of this, you could break the Vehicle Simulator's progression.
  • If you exit your car in the Auto Tuner, press the exit button, then respawn a vehicle while the game is exiting the car, your camera will be glitched. get in the car to fix the camera. You can now drive in and out of the door, though you can not use the Auto Tuner. No one else can enter the shop. Works on Cop Shop, both Auto Tuner locations, and the Plane Tuner. Not tested on Aquatic Tuner.
  • Your car can float in water if you flip it.
  • If you get on top the crashed boat and use your ejector seat, you will launch towards the island where the Lost badge is. You cannot get there, however, as you hit an invisible wall that kills you.
  • In the Vehicle Tuners, if you jump at the right time, you can make your tires clip through the ground, allowing your camera itself to go through the ground.
  • While someone was driving, they crashed into a building and their speed went negative by an integer overflow.

-It is unknown why this happened

  • If you send your Drone through the ground, you can make them despawn by hitting the void, trapping your camera view forever.
  • Doing a wheelie with the 1970 Dodge Charger with the car fully tuned, with give you a speed of 560 KM/H, which is 40 KM/H faster than the Egoista
  • Sometimes, when you join a server, your stats won't load. DON'T WORRY! Your stats will load when you drive
  • When some people reset their character they will get a black screen.only known way to fix this is to leave and rejoin the game
  • Ford Mustang GT max speed is lowered from 300 MPH per second to 0 - 20 MPH per second.. doing modification won't do something instead, I tried to put this bug to the twitter but the screw the suspended account
  • The Suzuki GSX-R1000 Motorcycle has glitched speed, allowing to get as good as 5.1 in the Airport Quarter mile.(It got disabled from the game cause to ludicrous performances)
  • The Motorcycle can also have the game-pass insanity activated on it multiple times, usually resulting in the motorcycle reaching over 400 mph, in a matter of seconds.
  • If you exit the vehicle in the auto tuner while you are exiting the auto tuner, there is a good chance you'll get stuck inside the tuner due to an invisible wall. The only option when this happens is to reset
  • If you run into someone at a high speed and then are stuck in the ground, if you press 'v', then the wheels will fly everywhere and you will die. After your death the GUI for the speed-o-meter is still seen, but it can have incredibly high numbers on it. Example Doing this can also cause the speed-o-meter to show -nan(ind) instead of numbers. Example
  • Every camera mode (Except first person and the one after) will clip through walls.
  • If you run into most objects and press 'x' before you crash in it you will die instantly or the car will be destroyed and you will be reduced to half health.