Land Vehicles are vehicles that can be only driven on land and water (upon driving in water, the car only gets a max speed around 14-20 miles per hour if the car is fully submerged), but not in the air. These vehicles are bought at the Auto's Car Dealership, the Tesla Dealership, and Supercars Dealership. These vehicles are the most commonly used ones in the game as you can play with them a lot more than Aquatic Vehicles and Air Vehicles. Even though with Air Vehicles you can fly around everywhere, there are no races that you can participate in. For obvious reasons, these are also the most numbered vehicles in the game at the moment.

List Of Vehicles


Name Price Class Dealership
1970 Dodge Charger $100,000 Special Auto's Car
2006 Ford GT $400,000 Super Supercars
2017 Ford GT $600,000 Super Supercars
Agera R $1,600,000 Super Supercars
ATV $20,000 Offroad Outdoor plot
Audi R8 $160,000 Super Supercars
BMW M6 $94,100 Super Supercars
Bugatti Veyron $1,500,000 Super Supercars
Cayman GT4 $100,000 Sport Auto's Car
Chevy Camaro $25,000 Sport Auto's Car
Chevy Impala $5,000 Sedan Auto's Car
Corvette Stingray $50,000 Sport Auto's Car
Dodge Challenger Hellcat $333,333 Super


Dodge Viper GTS $90,000 Super Supercars
Dodge Ram 3500 $25,000 Truck Outdoor plot
Ferrari LaFerrari $1,400,000 Super Supercars
Ferrari F40 $700,000 Super Supercars
Ford Crown Interceptor $25,000 Sedan Auto's Car
Ford Mustang GT $30,000 Sport Auto's Car
Hot Rod $600,000 Special Auto's Car
Hummer $40,000 SUV Outdoor plot
Interceptor N/A


Muscle N/A
Lamborghini Aventador N/A


Super N/A
Lamborghini Egoista $12,000,000 Super Supercars
Lamborghini Huracan $200,000 Super Supercars
Lamborghini Veneno $4,000,000 Super Supercars
Lincoln Navigator $50,000 SUV Auto's Car
Lykan Hypersport $3,400,000 Super Supercars
McLaren 650s GT3 $350,000 Super Supercars
McLaren P1 $1,600,000 Super Supercars
Mercedes Benz AMG $120,000 Super Supercars
Mitsubishi FTO GP $45,000 Sport Auto's Car
Nissan GTR $100,000 Super Supercars
Nissan Skyline R34 $250,000 Sport Auto's Car
Pagani Zonda R $2,000,000 Super Supercars
Subaru BRZ $25,000 Sport Auto's Car
Suzuki GSX-R1000 $100,000 Motorcycle Auto's Car
Harley-Davidson V-ROD $200,000 Motorcycle Auto's Car
City Bus N/A (Game Pass) Utility Bus Depot
Tesla Model S $100,000 Electric Tesla Dealership
Tesla Model X $150,000 Electric Tesla Dealership
Tesla Roadster $120,000 Electric Tesla Dealership
Tesla Roadster 2.0 $12,000,000 Electric Tesla Dealership
Tow Truck N/A (game pass) Utility Tow Truck (Gamepass)
Toyota AE86 $86,000 Sport Auto's Car
Toyota Supra $40,000 Sport Auto's Car
Volkswagen Beetle


Compact Auto's Car

The Least Expensive Cars To Most Expensive Cars By Price

Name Price Dealership
Chevy Impala $5,000 Auto's Car
Volkswagen Beetle $20,000 Auto's Car
ATV $30,000 Auto's Car
Chevy Camaro $25,000 Auto's Car
Ford Crown Interceptor $25,000 Auto's Car
Subaru BRZ $25,000 Auto's Car
Ford Mustang GT $30,000 Auto's Car
Dodge Ram 3500 $35,000 Auto's Car
Hummer $40,000 Auto's Car
Toyota Supra $40,000 Auto's Car
Mitsubishi FTO GP $45,000 Auto's Car
Corvette Stingray $50,000 Auto's Car
Lincoln Navigator $50,000 Auto's Car
Tesla Model S $70,000 Tesla Dealership
Toyota AE86 $86,000 Auto's Car
Dodge Viper GTS $90,000 Supercars
BMW M6 $94,100 Supercars
Suzuki GSX-R1000 $100,000 Auto's Car
Cayman GT4 $100,000 Auto's Car
1970 Dodge Charger $100,000 Auto's Car
Nissan GTR $100,000 Supercars
Tesla Roadster $120,000 Tesla Dealership
Mercedes Benz AMG $120,000 Supercars
Tesla Model X $150,000 Tesla Dealership
Audi R8 $160,000 Supercars
Lamborghini Huracan $200,000 Supercars
Nissan Skyline R34 $250,000 Auto's Cars
McLaren 650s GT3 $350,000 Supercars
2006 Ford GT $400,000 Supercars
Hot Rod $600,000 Auto's Cars
2017 Ford GT $600,000 Supercars
Ferrari F40 $700,000 Supercars
Ferrari LaFerrari $1,400,000 Supercars
Bugatti Veyron $1,500,000 Supercars
McLaren P1 $1,600,000 Supercars
Agera R $1,600,000 Supercars
Pagani Zonda R $2,000,000 Supercars
Lykan Hypersport $3,400,000 Supercars
Lamborghini Veneno $4,000,000 Supercars
Tesla Roadster 2.0 $12,000,000 Tesla Dealership
Lamborghini Egoista $12,000,000 Supercars
Interceptor N/A


Pre-Alpha Tester
Lamborghini Aventador N/A


Alpha Tester