SO there is a variety of badges on this game. This will tell you how to get them step by step.

Meet The Mayor: Simbuilder must be in your game and then you will get the badge

Globetrotter: ON the top right corner it shows how much miles you have DRIVEN. SO after you get to 1000 you should get the badge.

Road Warrior: This is a badge you get as you start the game. SO my tip is use the codes 100mvisits, subscribe, matrix. That will give you enough money to get a tesla model s. Then you will compete in a quarter mile. Hopefully some peoples cars aren't properly tuned and you will get the badge. P.S If you read this and the codes are expired im sry.

Tweaker: This should be ez enough. The cheapest thing i probably just going on your beginner car and put a alarm on it. Then you should get the badge.

Eat My DUST: So for this it was hard. So the cheapest way to get this but it is hard. So you get a bmw m6 and do the launch like press w at when 2 almost ends and nitro at begging of 1 then you should get under 6 secs. The tuning was like this:

Brakes: Racing

Engine: Ludicris

Nitro: Rocket Fuel

Suspension: Low Rider or street racer

Springs: Racing

Shocks: Racing

Tires: Racing

Transmission: Pro Short

Turbo Charger: Quad Turbo

If this won't work tell me in comments and i will try to fix this.

The ez way is just save for a ford gt or la ferrari and tune the way i show you and it will prob guarantee the badge.

Lost: So this one is hard to explain. So when you go to airport quarter mile you go towards the ocean with your plane. Pitt stunt or Bell ranger. Then when you take off go the direction of the shipping yard which is to the right and you keep going and you should see the island when you get close enough or the engine explodes you should get the badge as i did.

New Sheriff in Town: All you have to do is join a new server and at the start it should let you pick teams. You pick the police and you should get the badge.

Track Master: All you have to do is win 50 races. Using the strat of getting road warrior you should be able to get 50 wins. Or if you don't want to take that much luck then you can simply get a good car like ford gt a la ferrari and many other super cars and tune it the way i showed you can it should get you the badge

Ex Hoc Mundo: The hardest badge of all. So you can either go on youtube and search up how to get ex hoc mundo badge or you can just go on this wiki and look at the article that says how to get it. My recommendation is youtube because it is the easiest way.

So i hope you enjoyed this little article on how to get the badges and thx for reading.