Hot Pursuit is a game mode released by Simbuilder on the 10th of August 2017. As the name suggests, it is a chase between police and criminals.

Anywhere between 2-16 players can play this game.

When the game starts, players are divided into two teams: Criminals and Police. The criminals are supposed to evade the police for 300 seconds (5 minutes) until the game ends. The police are supposed to arrest the criminals within those 5 minutes or else they lose.

All players in the police team in this game mode will receive a siren on top of their car. However, this siren will be removed when the game ends.

When the game is over, any Criminals who are left will receive $10,000 for surviving, every arrest avoided gets them $2,500. Police meanwhile get $5,000 divided by the amount of criminals per criminal they arrest, and $5,000 for winning. (e.g. 2 criminals means each criminal arrest equals $2,500)