The Ex Hoc Mundo Quest is an activity that players are able to do in the game. It is an extremely tough quest to do, as it requires players to visit many secret locations. If done correctly, players are awarded the Ex Hoc Mundo badge and the Starry Camo.


In order to get the badge, you must first ensure that they have acquired the three dominus, which can be found in secret locations around the map. After choosing a server to complete the quest on, players must first get the Virgam Pascha Ovo, regardless if they already have it in their inventory*. There seems to be a glitch where the following steps cannot be completed if the Virgam is not acquired again.

*If you are struggling to get down the hole, try having your phone out since it weighs you down.

After acquiring the sword, 5 different colored buttons will appear throughout the map. Players must go around pressing these buttons once. The location of each button is below:

  • Red button on top of the Radio Tower
  • Purple button on the framework of the building right next to the Tower Crane
  • Green button on a rock located on top of Viride Mountain (currently working on a name)
  • Navy blue button on the outer edge of a support accessible by going down the stairs at the end of the docks
  • Yellow button inside a crimson container at the Shipping Yard

The button is considered pressed once it turns black.

Note: There seems to be a glitch going around where not all buttons are appearing. If they don't appear, please join another server and try the quest again.

Once players have pressed the final button, they will hear a loud grinding noise for the entirety of their gameplay until the quest is properly completed . In order to complete the quest, players must navigate to Seaside Hill, where on top, there will be a hole with a ladder going down into a small cavern. The ladder ends on a small walkway, leading players to a small platform with a light beam in the middle and five men seated around it, with three of the men in the middle headless.

This is the puzzle stage. Players must put the correct Dominus on the headless men. The order of the Dominus are as follows: Azureus on the man on the far left, Viride on the man in the middle, and Aurum on the man on the far right. After all the domini are on their heads, players can pull out the water sword and place it in the center beam. This will trigger a bright light on a small extended platform behind the five men. When players go through, they will be teleported to somewhere "out of this world". They are awarded the Ex Hoc Mundo badge and the starry camo, and must reset to get back to Bloxywood.


RobloxScreenShot20180406 104158597

Location for Navy Blue button

Purple Button location

Location for Purple Button


  • Ex Hoc Mundo means "Out of this world"
  • The red Tesla Roadster on the moon is a reference to Elon Musk's Roadster that is on the moon, and is looping the same music.