Drag races are the most popular races on Vehicle Simulator, the majority of players go here to show off their cars, race other people, and generally converse. When one is racing, their cars will not collide with players not involved in the race (unless a rare glitch - cars that are in the race not doing anything, this may result in a very slow start), making it almost impossible for others to crash into them.

This is considered the most overrated type of race, and its even hated by some of the more skilled players, due to the fact that it requires no skill and barelly any type of player input.

Airport Quarter Mile

The Airport Quarter Mile is a one road drag race. As is obvious, this is set up on the runway/tarmac of the map's airport. Due to the proximity to spawn, this is generally the more popular drag race track.

Quarter Mile

The less popular brother of Airport Quarter Mile, the Quarter Mile is a stretch of road. Unlike the Airport, the Quarter Mile divides the players up with concrete barrier in-between, and on the ends of the road. Beyond that, there are 4 stands, two on each side for spectators to watch.