Domini (singular form: Dominus) are special inventory items which can be obtained from secret locations around the map. All of them are free and are also required in order for players to be able to complete the Ex Hoc Mundo Quest. There are three domini located throughout Bloxywood: Dominus Azureus (Blue), Dominus Aurum (Gold), and Dominus Viride (Green).


After finding a Dominus, right-click it to put it into your inventory, left clicking will result in death.

Dominus Azureus (the Blue Dominus)

Dominus Azureus

The Dominus Azureus

To get this, players must first locate The Tunnel, a stretch of road going under the ground. If they enter from the side where the Quarter Mile Race is located, there will be a small entryway on the right side of the road not very far ahead. If players go through and walk for a bit through the cramped dirt tunnel, they will exit out into a clearing with a few shrubs and a waterfall. If you swim under the water of the small pond where the waterfall is, there will be a curved, grassy shape popping up from the ground (it's a little hard to notice because of the particles from the waterfall). The material is non-collidable, and when players go through it, they will enter a small water tunnel going straight down. After swimming down for a while, you will exit from yet another waterfall into a giant Area filled with broken-off temple pieces and a large arch bridge. This place is known as the Azurean Ruins There is also a large tree at the far end of the cavern, and, on one of its roots, lies the Dominus Azureus.

An additional way of getting to this dominus is via flying vehicles, by flying over the wall near the bloxywood sign you can enter the ruins much easier, and with more access too!

Dominus Aurum (the Yellow Dominus)

Dominus Aurum

The Dominus Aurum

This is possibly the hardest one to get, as the entrance to the Aurum Cavern is the only one out of the three Dominus caverns which are not visible. The Aurum Cavern is under a rock near the Dune Rally race. (It's the near north rock.)The hole has the environment of an old western town The Dominus is sitting on a pile of gold. If you are having trouble getting down the hole, try holding an iitem as it weighs you down.

Dominus Viride (the Green Dominus)

Dominus Viride

The Dominus Viride

The Viride is located in Viridian Temple, inside a mountain. Go straight east of the auto shop and you will find a mountain.Go towards the east side and you will see a rocky area. Go in a small tunnel in the rocky side, and you will fall into a massive cave with a temple inside. There are several dead aliens on the steps to the top, and atop the temple there is The Viride, two green torches, and two aliens corpses.