Dealerships are artificial locations in the game which are located throughout Bloxywood. They sell different types of vehicles for players to purchase and use. Currently, there are three car dealerships, one aquatic dealership, and one air dealership.

Auto's Car Dealership

Auto shop

The Auto's Car Dealership is the standard car shop where you can purchase the cheapest cars in the game. The prices range from $0 - $600,000. This might sound like a lot but don't worry, on the Home Page in this wiki soon you will find a Tips/Tricks for earning money fast in the game which will be made for beginners and rookies to the game. This is also the Spawn Point for when you enter the game or you reset your character. It is unknown if the shop will get a second floor, since the first floor is full. For more information, click here.

Supercars Dealership


The Supercars Dealership is the step up from the Auto's Car Dealership, which gives you access to a huge variety of over 10 cars and they are all within the price range of $96,000 - $12,000,000. In this Car Dealership, the most expensive car is the Lamborghini Egoista at a price tag of $12,000,000. This is the most popular place to buy a good quality car from. Note, there are 5 empty spaces on the top floor, this might possibly mean that there will be 5 new supercars added. For more information, click here.

Aquatic Dealership


The Aquatic Dealership is where you can buy Aquatic Vehicles. These vehicles are the Jetski, the Speedboat and the Yacht. The Jetski costs $5,000 and the Speedboat costs $30,000. The Yacht is the most expensive vehicle in the game, at a staggering $18,000,000. (For reference, the 2nd most expensive vehicle is the Lamborghini Egoista at $12,000,000.) The Dealership is located just off of the west coast on the map. For more information, click here.                

Plane Dealership


The Plane Dealership is at the airport (you can find it by either using the map or the huge control tower) next to where the Quarter mile drag race it held. Currently, you can buy the Pitts Stunt or the Bell 206 Jet Ranger that costs $400,000. There is also a plane workshop to the left of the dealership where 3 planes can be customized and tuned at once. For more information, click here.

Tesla Dealership


The Tesla Dealership sells only Electric Cars. These are the only Tesla Vehicles at the current moment. This store is located on the west coast of the map, near the beach, and the Aquatic Dealership. The only 4 vehicles sold at the moment are the Tesla Model S, Tesla Roadster, Tesla Roadster 2.0 and the Tesla Model X The price range is $70,000 to $12,000,000. These vehicles can be modified normally in the Auto Tuner (Auto Shop). There is quite a lot of space left inside the store, meaning there could potentially be more Tesla Cars or Electric Cars added in the future. For more information, click here.