Crates are a new feature added in where one out of six types of crates will spawn in-game, announced by a server message. Picking up and opening one will give you a new material type or a money reward, if the material is a duplicate. You may also buy them with Robux. They are primarily found in the eastern half of the map, and can be found almost everywhere there, even in water or ontop of buildings.

Standard Crate

The Standard Crate is the most common crate in the game, and it has a green color scheme. It costs 10 Robux to buy and has the following amount of chance to reward the player with different material tiers when unboxed:

Tiers Chance
God-Tier 0%
Exotic 0.1%
High-End 2%
Rare 6%
Specialized 31%
Standard 60%

Specialized Crate

The Specialized Crate is the second to most common crate in the game and it has a slightly higher chance to contain better materials-tiers than the standard variation. It's quite common to be dropped on the map and it has a black color scheme. The Specialized Crate, unlike standard ones has a chance (Though it's extremly unlikely) to give the player a God-Tier material. It costs 20 Robux to buy and has the following amount of chance to reward the player with different crate types:

Tiers Chance
God-Tier 0.1%
Exotic 0.2%
High-End 4%
Rare 12%
Specialized 33.7%
Standard 50%

Rare Crates

Rare Crates are a more rare type of crate, as the name says, and they cost 35 Robux to buy.It has a dark purple as its color.

Tiers Chance
God-Tier 0.2%
Exotic 0.4%
High-End 8%
Rare 22.4%
Specialized 36%
Standard 33%

High-End Crates

High-End Crates is the 3rd most rarest crate. They are the most common crate to be announced in chat when a player picks it up. (Example, [Server Message]: Simbuilder picked up a High-End crate!) It has a yellow in color and cost 65 Robux to buy.

Tiers Chance
God-Tier 0.4%
Exotic 0.8%
High-End 20%
Rare 30%
Specialized 25%
Standard 23.8%

Exotic Crates

Exotic Crates is the 2nd most rarest crate. It too has a notification in chat upon picking it up. (Example, [Server Message]: Simbuilder picked up an Exotic crate!) It has a bright red in color and cost 125 Robux to buy.

Tiers Chance
God-Tier 2.4%
Exotic 28%
High-End 36%
Rare 30%
Specialized 2.4%
Standard 1.2%

God-tier Crates

God-Tier crates is the rarest crate in the game.It has a moody white color and cost 200 Robux to buy. When it is being announced that it had been spawned,the server message has a hyped feeling; "A God-Tier Crate has dropped!! GO GO GO!". Though it has a change in announcement when dropped, it has the same player pick-up notification. (Example, [Server Message]: Simbuilder picked up a God-Tier crate!) It is different from others as they don't have the "GO GO GO!" message.

Tiers Chance
God-Tier 6.4%
Exotic 30%
High-End 38%
Rare 23.8%
Specialized 1.2%
Standard 0.6%