Before making any contribution to this wiki (edit or comment) please read this page carefully. If you are an Admin or Moderator, please quote the rule or guideline to the offender. ROBLOX COMMUNITY RULES AND GUIDELINES ALSO APPLY TO THIS WIKI EVEN THOUGH THEY MIGHT NOT BE ON THIS PAGE. For more information, go to Roblox Community Rules (external page).


Admins have the final word!

  1. All content must be ROBLOX appropriate and comply with ROBLOX guidelines.
  2. Only speak English on talk pages and comments on a page.
  3. No swearing permitted in any language.
  4. No harassment or bullying.
  5. No spamming messages or edits (except if there is a viable reason).
  6. No mini-modding. If you see someone violate a rule, contact a mod or admin.
  7. Do not vandalise any page in any way.
  8. Using another account to evade a ban will result in a direct ban (length at admin's discretion).


These are not rules, therefore not following these will not result in a punishment. However, if an admin or mod tells you to stop and you continue, consequences will occur.

  1. Please limit the amount of unnecessary capitals letter in a post.
  2. Please do not 'bump' up old threads.
  3. Please ensure that you use correct grammar (this includes text-slang (u instead of you)).
  4. When making a new page, make sure the title is written with capital letters in the correct place.
  5. Asking for mod or admin is not against for rules but is highly discouraged.
  6. Please ensure that your page edit is relevant and does not include misinformation.
  7. When making a new page, please think about if the information actually needs a page made.
  8. When uploading pictures, make sure that any unnecessary items (such as menus) are cropped out.


If you see any player disregarding the rules or guidelines, please contact a mod or admin. Note that only admins can ban users, and mods can only give out warnings. The punishments generally follow these guidelines, however, depending on the severity of the violation, the admin may act at their own discretion.

1st Offense: Warning

2nd Offense: 1 Day Ban

3rd Offense: Either a 1 Week Ban or a Permanent Ban, depending on severity (permanent ban can be appealed)

4th Offense: Either a 1 Month Ban or a Permanent Ban, depending on severity (permanent ban can be appealed)

5th Offense: Permanent Ban (cannot be appealed)

All bans expect for a 5th Offense ban can be appealed. Please send an email with sufficient proof at with as subject; Ban Appeal.