The Auto Tuner is where players go to tune their cars and change their cars' appearance. Note that these options are only possible if you own the car, thus it won't work on stolen vehicles or on a test drive.


There are 2 different types of upgrades, Appearance and Modifications. Appearance upgrades cost nothing (exceptions are Neons, Neon material, Spoilers and License plates) and only change the look of your car, not the specifications. The other type, Modifications cost money and change the specifications of the car according to the upgrade purchased, these do not affect the look of the car (exceptions are camber and ride height)

Future Updates Regarding the Auto Shop/ Auto Tuner


Appearance Upgrades

Name Effect
Primary Color Changes the colour for the majority of the car.
Primary Reflectance Changes how reflective the majority of the car is.
Primary Material What material the majority of the car is made from.
Secondary Color Changes the color for the minority of the car.
Secondary Reflectance Changes how reflective the minority of the car is.
Secondary Material What material the minority of the car is made from.
Headlight Color What colour the headlights are when turned on.
Rim Type Changes the shape of the rim.
Rim Color Changes the color of the rim.
Rim Reflectance Changes how reflective the rim is.
Rim Material What material the rim is made out of.
Neons Underglow - Lights surrounding your car from underneath.
Neon Color The colour of the neons surrounding your car.


Name Effect Upgrade Tiers
Alarm *removed* Sounds an alarm if someone enters your car. 2
Brakes Changes the braking power. 3
Engine Increase Acceleration and Max Speed 4
Explosive Blow up the car using the phone. 1
Horn What sound plays when the H Key is pressed. 4
Nitrous Boost activated when Shift Key is pressed. 5
Suspension Changes the type of suspension. 3
Turbo Jump Allows you to make your car jump with the power of hydrolics. on/off
Air Thrusters Allows your to take control of your car in the air. on/off

(Window Tint)

Changes the amount of light that gets through the window. Slide-Bar
Tires Changes the type of tire. 3
Tire Type Changes the look of the tire. 4
Transmission Changes the gear type. 4
Manual Lets you use g and t to shift gears up and down respectively. on/off
Welded Differential Welds together the back wheels, causing extra oversteer. on/off
Camber Changes the angle of the car by adjusting the wheels' angle. See more at Camber. 2 Slide-Bars
Turbocharger Changes the effectiveness of the nitro boost. 3