The Arena is a large stadium structure located in the grassy farmland-like area of the map. It is directly East of the Airport and on the South-Eastern area of the map. Players who are wanting to play Soccar have to go here.

The Arena has a rounded-square shape, with blue and red neon lights. There are slightly invisible walls which prevents outsiders from coming in. Also, an invisible roof is used to prevent cars going into the arena from above and also to prevent drones from doing so too. The goals are brightly indicated at night with either a red neon or a blue neon to indicate which team that goal belongs to. There are also markings on the grass to indicate which side a player is on. The grass has a checkered pattern with some patches darker than the others. Spectators can easily spectate because of the invisible walls.


The red circle indicates where the arena is located on the map


  • The arena is not visible on the map, which makes it hard for players to locate it.
  • When a player presses X or V directly from exiting the arena, their wheels will spawn on top of the cab.