This is the only sort of vehicle that can get you to the Lost Island.


Air Vehicles are vehicles can be only driven in the air, not in water not on land. However, to take off with the plane you need to drive on the land to gain speed. These vehicles can be bought at the Plane Dealership and for Drones, they can be bought at the GoodBye Store. These vehicles are one of the least used vehicles in the game due to having only 1 plane and 1 helicopter at the moment. Even though with Air Vehicles you can fly around everywhere, there are no races that you can participate in. Drones are remote controlled, therefore the Pitts Stunt Plane and the Helicopter is the only official Air Vehicle.

List Of Vehicles

DXL Wraith $15,000 Drones GoodBye Store
DXL Ghost $6,000 Drones GoodBye Store
Pitts Stunt $400,000 Plane Plane Dealership
Bell 206 Jet Ranger $800,000 Helicopter Plane Dealership